There are many IPTV apps including free apps that work with
swoop,  however i found  this IPTV  company based  in Europe
and  found it to be one of the easiest  APPs to use with swooop
tv.  services.   I downloaded it to my  Google Chromecast device.

I believe the App cost me aprox.  $7.50  , was a one time fee  and
it  can be downloaded  to your  Smart t.v. or other device if you
can find it  on your device APP store location.

There could be a time,  should you loose your power or internet
service,  you may have to  resubmit your swoop information  on the
netiptv homepage to  "wake up" your service.     Although this rarely
happens,  you can also add other smart tv  or divices on this page below

   NETIPTV   Device  information    UPLOAD SITE
Lost your Swoop Service ???
Service or IPTV APP will not open ???

If at some point your swoop tv services do not work, with the
occasional result being monthly subscription renewal being
done manually,  or for re-occuring payments,  the credit or
debit card may have expired,    it could also  possibly be  that  
your device has lost internet connection.   Make sure your
smart t.v.  or smart DEVICE  is  "Connected" to the internet by
checking    the "Settings"  and then "NETWORK SETTINGS"  
on the TV or DEVICE  and be sure that it is picking up the
internet signal  ( CONNECTED ) .    

Should you disconnect your smart TV or DEVICE and use it at
another location with a different internet subscriber,  you will
have to make sure the TV or DEVICE  is re-connected to the
internet using the appropriate internet service provider
password for that internet service  location.   
Click on the divice "Settings" and "NETWORK" to reconnect.
Coastal Community Webpages
Penobscot, Maine
Notice:   Coastal Community webpages are not a associated with swooptv,  netiptv, or any other services
linked on this page  in any way.   This page was produced by a customer of swooptv as an information page
to help and assist other customers who may have issues with their subscription services.
                                      Personally  I think  SWOOPtv  is bigger and better than  Dish Network, Directv, HULU, and Netflix,   combined.
                                    Hundreds of channels including Premium channels  HBO. CINIMAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ,  and many others.

                            you can cut and paste the link below  into your web browser for more information.  Coulden't get it to  SAVE the link automatically