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October 2011 Open House
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Dial   911     for Fire or Police
Emergency calls only.

All other calls should be
directed to the Department's
Local Number:
 326 - 4296
Maine State Law requires all
persons to obtain permits for
burning.  Call your local Fire
Department for details and permits.
Check here for today's
fire danger data
Photo :  Old Penobscot Fire Station  3/2001
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Glen Ashe,
Article Clip:    Jennifer Osborn,  Ellsworth American Fenceviewer, 10/11/2011
Serving as a member of a fire department is much more than fighting fires. They need people to do traffic control,
man the radios back at the station, cook, clean the station and write grants, just to name a few.
“Jumping into a suit and going to fight a fire is just the pinnacle of it,” said Penobscot Fire Department Lt. Hugh
Evans.    Penobscot Fire Chief Dennis Robertson said, “They say, ‘I don’t want to fight a fire.’ There’s so much
more you can do.”      One Fire Department member, Charlie Deans, said, “I drive and direct traffic usually.”
And you don’t even have to be a member of the department to help.    Dr. Jerri Jensen isn’t a member of the
department but conducts all the physicals, Evans said. Jim and Sam Doty, also not members, cook for Penobscot
Days, one of the department’s major fund-raisers.

“We would absolutely, dearly love to have somebody coming in who was good at writing grants,” Evans said.
“We’re looking for men and women,” the lieutenant said. “We’re not an exclusive club.”   Junior members range
between age 14 and 18. There is also a member in his 80s.

The Penobscot Fire Department has about 30 members and 22 of those are active with 8 to 10 being “extremely
Daylight Savings Time reminds us  it 's  also
time to change the batteries in  your smoke
and carbon monoxide detectors.
Your life could depend on it.
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Scott Ferden   Fire Chief

Robert Gross – Assistant Fire Chief

Hugh Evans – Captain

Jim Flannery – Lieutenant

Sally Bridges – Safety Officer

Jenna Leclerc – Safety Officer
Penobscot Vol. Fire Department
46 North Penobscot Rd,   Penobscot, Me.  04476
Department Meetings Every Monday  at 6:00 P.M.
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Free  Burn permits available  Monday  Evenings
at the Station   or   from authorized Department  
personel .

You can also purchase a permit online  24/7  
from the State of Maine website by clicking the
link below. ( $7.oo  fee applies)
Penobscot Assisted Blue Hill Fire Dept. at the Kendall Howard
Farm,  Rt. 15  Blue Hill
Workers remove a car  involved in an accident on Rt. 15, North Penobscot,  On Saturday March 14th,    The driver  survived  with
minor injuries after snapping off a power pole, dropping  the pole and power lines into the roadway.  traffic was rerouted for a
few hours to complete the work.    Penobscot Fire Dept. was assisted by crews from the Blue Hill Fire Dept.