Coastal Community Services
      North Penobscot,   Maine   
  Be ready to escape the worst of storms.   Call now for plowing and sanding services for the
comming winter season.   Call for you personal quote.
           Serving North Penobscot ,  North Blue Hill,  &  East Orland areas
Driveway  Snowplowing  &  Sanding

Elderly Check-up Service

Cartaking & Property Management Services

ADT & Pro 1  -   Property Security checks

Personal Home Security Camera install  with Cell Phone Alarm
Snow Plowing & Driveway Sanding
Mainetnance for both Dish Network and Directv services.  
When the wind blows,  Satellite dishes can get out of alignment.  You don't
have to wait days for the repairman.       
Dosen't it irritate you when you " LEASE " there equipment to watch T.V.,  
then when something happens,  they CHARGE YOU  to  fix THEIR
equipment that YOU PAY THEM to lease.  You would think they would fix it
for free after paying their substantial  monthly subscription fees.  Instead
they charge $ 50. to  $75.  to send someone.    Now you can save  money
by calling  to see if we can help.   
If you want to use  your receiver at a cottage or camp,   All you need is an
extra dish.  No need to have a second subscription. .
                                   756 - 2208
Those  of you who have these systems know there are many false alarms.  Police
and Fire Departments  now charge extensive fees to check continous false alarms.   
Alarms can sometimes activate because of power losses due to weathe conditions.
 Call for more details on how you can save $$$  with  less headaches.
                  Providing 24 hr  home / camp / cottage checkups.